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It's a Beautiful Night, We're Looking For Something Good to Eat..Hey Babyyy, I Think We Found The Place To Be!!!

Silly Altered Bruno Tunes aside, It Was Indeed a Beautiful Night as I And My Family Celebrated Mum's Birthday at delicious.

It was Near-Midnight Hour, We arrived at Dua Residency at approximately 11.00 P.M., So It was a Hassle when Our Orders Have to be Rushed since they're Closing at Twelve.

The Dimly-Lit Restaurant has Boasted a Contemporary Atmosphere Set In Accordance to the Stylish Theme of Modern Living. When It Comes to Interior Design, Eccentric yet Fusion-Inspired Home Decos such as the Very Luminous Bird-Cage Lightings and the Beautiful White Post-Tree Hybrids.The Ambience is Comfy,Relaxing and Fashionably Bold at the Same Time. There's Even Live-Performing Songstress Belting Out Various Soft Ballads to Set The Mood.

No Sighting of Tweety at All....Only Lights, Bright White Lights...

The White Post-Tree Hybrid featuring Sprawling Branches and Webbing Stems, All Artificial. Definitely Autumn-Based since there's No Leave or Plant Shrubs

Shall We Move On To The Dishes?...

Roasted Duck Red Curry with Lychee served with Steamed Kaffir Rice & Pomelo Salad. The Red-Curry was Spicy (It Always has..) and This Taste has Complemented Well Enough with The Duck.

English Fish & Chips served with Homemade Tartare Sauce & Garden Greens. Regular Catch-From-The-Sea, The Fillet were Juicy and Largely-Sized when compared to the Others.

Thai Styled Steamed Sea Bass served with White Rice & Greens. The Sea Bass Fillet was Tender and Soft, but the Thai-Styled Cooked Sauce was Way Too Hot and Spicy!!!...

Mushroom Mascarpone Spaghettini with Lemon Zest, Walnuts & Coriander.

A Vegetarian Dish, This One Came as a Surprise. It Tasted Really Good...Or Great. The Freshly-Melted Mascarpone and the Robust Mushrooms Made a Great Heck of Raw Ingredients when Cooked with the Smooth Spaghettini. The Result? Hint of Olive Oil with an Incoming Exudation of a Smoky Tone.

Fish Burger with a generous portion of Butterfish, accompanied with Tartare Sauce & a side of Fries.

The Fillet Patty was Indeed Succulent and in Generous Condition, But It was a Bit Far Too Dry.

Lastly, Delicious Spicy Steamed Chicken served with Rice & Soup. Aromatic and Just Like Its Name, Delicious.

It's My Mum's Birthday Bash so We're Going to Celebrate the Special Occasion with a Dessert much more Personalized instead of Opting for a Traditional Round-Shaped Birthday Cake Again.

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream. Sinfully Awesome..'Nuff Said.

Of Course, Hers Favourite....Strawberry Cheesecake with Berry Coulis....

Light it Up to the Occasion!!!

Talkin' bout Hefty Price Huh?...It's Mum's Birthday..and She Deserved a Royal Treatment. Happy B'Day Mum, You Totally Rock...Love You Foreva!!!!

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