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Disclaimer: This Is A Food Log, Not A Food Blog. It's A Brief Record Of Journalising My Food-Tasting Experiences Compiled With Photo Attachments Of Crappy Resolutions.

I'm Still Exploring, One Scrumptious Morsel At A Time.


I Remember A While ago, There was this Pasta-Serving Fast-Food Restaurant in Pavilion. Eventually It Went Out of Business and Moved To a Smaller-Scaled Location Within The Already Space-Limiting Sungei Wang Shopping Centre.

'Quick Casual Dining' Ayy??...Well, The Service was a Letdown. 'Nuff Said.

Pocket Menu packed with Short yet Basic Pasta Facts and the Menu Dishes, It's Not Like as if Every Customer's Loyal Enough to Carry One around and Refer to It For Every Meal Before The Visit.

Mushroom Soup For Starter. It Was Horrible, Totally Similar with the one Canned.

Aglio Olio. Basic Pasta, Linguine served with blend of chilli and garlic tossed in olive oil. Spicy. 'Nuff Said.

Pasta served with Rosemary Grilled Chicken. The Grilled Chicken was Excessively Charred. The Linguine Tasted Too Dry, Half-Cooked and Terribly Hard.

Lastly, Four Seasons Pizza. Chicken Ham, Capsicum, Olives and Mushrooms. Definitely Processed Stuff, No Good No Good....

Everything Tasted like Something Out From Factory-Made. Not Worth The Reasonable Price-Tag.

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