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Sun Moulin

Time For Another Foodie Post..This Time, The Spotlight's On Sun Moulin's Very Own Scrumptious Strawberry Tart, which I Bought from the bakery branch at Lot 10's Isetan Food Market..XD.

This Pastry Came All Wrapped Up In Glossy Golden Paper Like Some Kind of Surprise Party Pack..Lolz...Never Mind the Attractively Over-The-Top Appearance, (Bloody-Red Strawberries Cut Into Smaller Pieces to form a Magnificent 5-Petal Flower with Almond Bits Scattered on It.), What Matters is the Taste.

The Taste is Heaven-Like. A Nice Blend of Sweet-and-Sour-Berry-Like Pleasure with the Fresh Taste of the Cheese-Based Filling Underneath the Strawberries. A Burst of Berry Paradise for Your Palate.

This One's a Must-Try if You're at Isetan's Food Market..Go Ahead and Sort it out for Yourself..haha..

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