Armed With Nothing But A Compact Camera, A Huge Appetite And A Bottomless Yearning For Palate Indulgence, Welcome Aboard My Gastronomical Journey In Search Of Culinary Wonders. Be It Hot Or Cold, Fine Or Casual Dining, Tasty Or Nasty, Avant-Garde Or Just Plain Conventional, I'm Not Afraid To Give It A Try As Long As It's Edible.

Disclaimer: This Is A Food Log, Not A Food Blog. It's A Brief Record Of Journalising My Food-Tasting Experiences Compiled With Photo Attachments Of Crappy Resolutions.

I'm Still Exploring, One Scrumptious Morsel At A Time.

Haagen-Dazs' Fondue

Hey Guys!!!.. Ready For Another Round of Chocholicious Post??.'Cause If You Haven't Been Noticing, I Am...Haha.

So Me and My Homies Were At Haagen-Dazs For Dessert Time. And Since There's Only Five Of Us, We're Capable Of Slaying Another Huge Round Of Guilty Pleasure.Lolz.

And Yeah, We Did. By Ordering a Fondue.

Voila!!!...Looking All Majestic and Sexed-Up There Huh..Lolz.

Each Fondue Set Costed RM 64. And It Comes With...

A Hot Melting Pot of Chocolate Sauce Served with One Of The Three Topping Choices, Chocolate Sprinkle, Almond Nibs and Almond Flakes. We Opted for Almond Flakes Instead for That Smooth Flaky Texture Complementing That Very Bowl of Sauce.

Four Ice-Cream Scoops Each For Strawberry and Vanilla Respectively.

The Same Goes to Cookies & Cream and Belgian Chocolate Too.

The Almond Flakes and Eight Cubes of Sponge-Cake.

Four Pieces of 'Love Letter' Together With Three Pieces of Hard Cookies.

Lastly,  A Variety Of Fresh Fruits including Cut-Pieces of Green Apples, Strawberries and Bananas.

The Dip-&-Eat Session Was Fun!!!...It has Been God-Knows-How-Long Since Our Last Reunion Outing, and Yeah, We Did Had Fun All Over Again.

Yeah, One Last Perfect Shot. It Was..Well, Sinfulicious..Haha.

Candy by Sticky

I Remember A While Ago I Did A Post On Sticky Candy of OneUtama Branch. Now that There's a Second Outlet Opened at Pavilion KL. So, Why Not Do It Again??..=)

Sticky is an International Candy Brand Well-Known For Its Traditionally Handmade Confections. Their Candy Products Emphasised Mostly On The Taste, Professional Craftmanship, and Creative Designs.

The Candy-Makers Could be Seen Stretching The Long Canes of  Sugar-Candy...

Spearmint was What I Opted For. Sweet yet Lingered with a Bit of a Minty Sensation. Exactly My Kind of  Thing. Of Course, Everybody's Finding a Hard Time Paying RM 14.50 For a Nice Jar of  Candies.Haha.

Each and Every Cylindrical Candy Tablet is Embellished with The Brand Imprint. Fascinating?..Not Quite. Much Greeting Cards Alike, There are Even Some Message-Bearing Jar Helping Consumers to Express Their Emotions...or Just The Plain Joy of Festive Season (See 'Happy B'Day', 'Sorry', 'I Love You' e.t.c.). It's Mainly About Nice Attractive Colourful Packaging.

And Last But Not Least,As a Dude with A Very High Male Ego, I Was Having a Hard Time Carrying the Pink Paper-Bag Around. Don't Get Me Wrong, The Paper-Bag Rocks.


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