Armed With Nothing But A Compact Camera, A Huge Appetite And A Bottomless Yearning For Palate Indulgence, Welcome Aboard My Gastronomical Journey In Search Of Culinary Wonders. Be It Hot Or Cold, Fine Or Casual Dining, Tasty Or Nasty, Avant-Garde Or Just Plain Conventional, I'm Not Afraid To Give It A Try As Long As It's Edible.

Disclaimer: This Is A Food Log, Not A Food Blog. It's A Brief Record Of Journalising My Food-Tasting Experiences Compiled With Photo Attachments Of Crappy Resolutions.

I'm Still Exploring, One Scrumptious Morsel At A Time.


I Remember A While ago, There was this Pasta-Serving Fast-Food Restaurant in Pavilion. Eventually It Went Out of Business and Moved To a Smaller-Scaled Location Within The Already Space-Limiting Sungei Wang Shopping Centre.

'Quick Casual Dining' Ayy??...Well, The Service was a Letdown. 'Nuff Said.

Pocket Menu packed with Short yet Basic Pasta Facts and the Menu Dishes, It's Not Like as if Every Customer's Loyal Enough to Carry One around and Refer to It For Every Meal Before The Visit.

Mushroom Soup For Starter. It Was Horrible, Totally Similar with the one Canned.

Aglio Olio. Basic Pasta, Linguine served with blend of chilli and garlic tossed in olive oil. Spicy. 'Nuff Said.

Pasta served with Rosemary Grilled Chicken. The Grilled Chicken was Excessively Charred. The Linguine Tasted Too Dry, Half-Cooked and Terribly Hard.

Lastly, Four Seasons Pizza. Chicken Ham, Capsicum, Olives and Mushrooms. Definitely Processed Stuff, No Good No Good....

Everything Tasted like Something Out From Factory-Made. Not Worth The Reasonable Price-Tag.

Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Restaurant @ Sunway Mentari

Well It Was a Saturday I Recall, A Time When Me and My Sis Were Running Out of Dinner Options. Instead of Stuffing Ourselves in Nearby Chinese Restaurant or Hawker Stalls Serving Rice and Dishes and Stuff, Both of Us Decided to Stop by a place None Other than Sunway Mentari. The Area is a Steamboat Paradise, Packed up with Chains of Steamboat Restaurant..and Still Growing.I Guess.

After Driving (or Strolling..) around the Area, we Chose Tasty Pot, One of The Well-Known Ones Hyped Up by Publicity Media. We Were There Early, so It Wasn't Much Crowded (Wait Till The Golden Hour). Between Indoor and Alfresco, We Rejected the Latter since We Hate Smokers. However, Our Table was Located on a Hot and Stuffy Spot, so Dining Indoor were as Uncomfortable too as the Outdoor.

On a Lighter Note, The Restaurant was quite Hygienic as The Dining Ware and Cutleries were all Sterilized and Wrapped Up in Vacuumized Plastic Paper.

Much Like a Conventional Steamboat Chain, The Buffet Stand Offers Processed Food, Fried Stuff, Veggies, Snacks, Condiments and Of Course, Seafood. Since It was Just the Two of Us, We Grabbed Lots of Seafood Steamboat Ingredient, Of Course, It's Not About Getting Our Money's Worth (RM 23.80 Per Pax.), It's All About The Prawns, The Crabs, The Clams, The Mussels and The Fishes.

For Our Yin-Yang Choices of Stock, We Opted for Curry Soya and Herbal Soup Base. The Herbal one was Plain, and The Curry Soya...Nah, Nothing Groundbreaking.

Check Out the Crab!!!
The Seafood was Okay, Not Great..and Not That Bad. While Some (The Clams and Mussels) were Worse, Some (Crabs and Prawns) were Fantastically Fresh....Weird dey??!!

We Were Lucky, There were Chicken Wings that Night. Sweet, Juicy, Tender and Oily Enough to Make You Feel Guilty...

Roast Lamb. The Queue at the Grill Counter was Ridiculous enough Just to get this Plate of Roast Lamb served. But I've Got to Admit, It's....Really Good. The Lamb Meat was Tasty, Chewable and Went Well with The Gravy Sauce.

The Fried Fishes were too Dry and Scaly, We Left Both of These Poor Suckers Unfinished...

On The Other Note, The Restaurant's Condiment Counter was an Overkill. It Spawned Way Too Many Sauce Selections For Such Limited Seafood Items...Hmm.

Overall, We Were Full at The End of The Day...


It's a Beautiful Night, We're Looking For Something Good to Eat..Hey Babyyy, I Think We Found The Place To Be!!!

Silly Altered Bruno Tunes aside, It Was Indeed a Beautiful Night as I And My Family Celebrated Mum's Birthday at delicious.

It was Near-Midnight Hour, We arrived at Dua Residency at approximately 11.00 P.M., So It was a Hassle when Our Orders Have to be Rushed since they're Closing at Twelve.

The Dimly-Lit Restaurant has Boasted a Contemporary Atmosphere Set In Accordance to the Stylish Theme of Modern Living. When It Comes to Interior Design, Eccentric yet Fusion-Inspired Home Decos such as the Very Luminous Bird-Cage Lightings and the Beautiful White Post-Tree Hybrids.The Ambience is Comfy,Relaxing and Fashionably Bold at the Same Time. There's Even Live-Performing Songstress Belting Out Various Soft Ballads to Set The Mood.

No Sighting of Tweety at All....Only Lights, Bright White Lights...

The White Post-Tree Hybrid featuring Sprawling Branches and Webbing Stems, All Artificial. Definitely Autumn-Based since there's No Leave or Plant Shrubs

Shall We Move On To The Dishes?...

Roasted Duck Red Curry with Lychee served with Steamed Kaffir Rice & Pomelo Salad. The Red-Curry was Spicy (It Always has..) and This Taste has Complemented Well Enough with The Duck.

English Fish & Chips served with Homemade Tartare Sauce & Garden Greens. Regular Catch-From-The-Sea, The Fillet were Juicy and Largely-Sized when compared to the Others.

Thai Styled Steamed Sea Bass served with White Rice & Greens. The Sea Bass Fillet was Tender and Soft, but the Thai-Styled Cooked Sauce was Way Too Hot and Spicy!!!...

Mushroom Mascarpone Spaghettini with Lemon Zest, Walnuts & Coriander.

A Vegetarian Dish, This One Came as a Surprise. It Tasted Really Good...Or Great. The Freshly-Melted Mascarpone and the Robust Mushrooms Made a Great Heck of Raw Ingredients when Cooked with the Smooth Spaghettini. The Result? Hint of Olive Oil with an Incoming Exudation of a Smoky Tone.

Fish Burger with a generous portion of Butterfish, accompanied with Tartare Sauce & a side of Fries.

The Fillet Patty was Indeed Succulent and in Generous Condition, But It was a Bit Far Too Dry.

Lastly, Delicious Spicy Steamed Chicken served with Rice & Soup. Aromatic and Just Like Its Name, Delicious.

It's My Mum's Birthday Bash so We're Going to Celebrate the Special Occasion with a Dessert much more Personalized instead of Opting for a Traditional Round-Shaped Birthday Cake Again.

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream. Sinfully Awesome..'Nuff Said.

Of Course, Hers Favourite....Strawberry Cheesecake with Berry Coulis....

Light it Up to the Occasion!!!

Talkin' bout Hefty Price Huh?...It's Mum's Birthday..and She Deserved a Royal Treatment. Happy B'Day Mum, You Totally Rock...Love You Foreva!!!!


The Weather Here at Kuantan is Worsening...Terribly. It's Dry, Hot, Sticky and Sweaty, Just Like a Sauna Treatment sans Moisture.XD.
Which brings me to A Refreshing foodie topic of Snowflake...The Last Thing That I Ever Wanted to Savour Here, But Too Bad it's Only Available in KL...T_T

So These were some Photos I Took from My Archive Vault..Never really Care about their Potential Usage as a Blogpost, But Now I Did...By Just Looking at the Photo of the Bestseller has already made me Cool and Breezy..Lolz.

At Snowflake, A Cute Electronic Device known as 'Beeping U.F.O.' will be Loaned ( Is that the correct term?..You Gotta Return it Back.) to the customers after ordering their item. The device will Vibrate with Flashing Red Light to Alert the Customers that Their Orders are Ready and Hot (or Cool..) to Roll. It's a Fun and Convenient Concept, but the Best Part Only Last Shortly as It Should be Returned upon Retrieving Your Orders.

Ahh, I Seriously Need One of These in My Place!!!

My Amigo's Choice, Soya Ice Series of Unknown Set Ingredients..Sorry, I Forgot Which Set He Ordered..Hmm..

And Here's My Cold Huge Round Bowl of Snowflake Bestseller....

It is a More-than-Satisfying Bowl of Grass Jelly Ice, Taroballs and Grass Jelly. Do add the Creamer if you wish for a Creamier and Richer Taste of The Hodgepodge Dessert. It's Cooling, Refreshing, Frosty and Not to Mention Wintery..Well, at least It's In Your Mouth..=)

Soon, All The People Here will Die from Drought...Like Seriously.

Sun Moulin

Time For Another Foodie Post..This Time, The Spotlight's On Sun Moulin's Very Own Scrumptious Strawberry Tart, which I Bought from the bakery branch at Lot 10's Isetan Food Market..XD.

This Pastry Came All Wrapped Up In Glossy Golden Paper Like Some Kind of Surprise Party Pack..Lolz...Never Mind the Attractively Over-The-Top Appearance, (Bloody-Red Strawberries Cut Into Smaller Pieces to form a Magnificent 5-Petal Flower with Almond Bits Scattered on It.), What Matters is the Taste.

The Taste is Heaven-Like. A Nice Blend of Sweet-and-Sour-Berry-Like Pleasure with the Fresh Taste of the Cheese-Based Filling Underneath the Strawberries. A Burst of Berry Paradise for Your Palate.

This One's a Must-Try if You're at Isetan's Food Market..Go Ahead and Sort it out for Yourself..haha..


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