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Su's Cakes For Kicks ( Self-Customised Mum and Dad's Wedding Anniversary Cake)

Hi There...
So,Me and My Sisters Recently threw a Nice Dinner Party for Our Parents' Wedding Anniversary. Yerpz, Love is a Powerful Will that Makes even The Most Fragile Person Everlastingly Strong. Aww, NO TIME FOR SWEET ROMANTIC LOVE POETRY HERE. Let's get down to Business..haha.

Hence, We Need a Perfect Cake to Complement with the Perfect Occasion. and Nothing will ever Go Wrong in Designing Your Very Own Cake with a Definite Theme albeit Right Amount of Ingredients...Both Ornamental and Fundamental.

So, We Hit The City at Fahrenheit 88 to Visit a Cake-Selling Freestanding Kiosk known as Su's Cakes for Kicks.

Pssk, They Serve arguably the Best Cheesecake around the City.

Love The Wording, Love The Simple Colour Background, Love The Message..Lol.

Voila!!!..This is the Cake that we ordered, It's a Moist Chocolate Cake. Well, My Elder Sister is the Senior Executive Art Director as she took charged mainly 90% of the cake's physical appearance. I As a Mere Designing Advisor, Just managed to slip in a few Tips and Opinions when it comes to Colours and Positions of the Decorating Parts..zzzzzz. Still, We admired The Nearly-Flawless Craftmanship the Bakers have put when it comes to Fulfilling the Customer's Needs.

Succinctly-Saying, We ( The Customers) Supervised, They Improvised.

We Threw in A Beautiful Pair of Wedding Ring...and for the Bonus Part, They Are Edible..Lool.

On The Side, We Keep Things Clean and Simple. The Rose Decorations were Produced From Frozen Cream. While showing the Bakers How we want The Roses Toppled on the Cake, They Pretty Much Get Every Detail Right from Our Concept Drawing in the Sketch.

Check Out the Intricate Details and The Undulating Skirting Pattern of the Petals.

At The Side of The Cake, My Sis decided to go for the Henna Style. Inspired by the Indian Art of Tattoo, The Pattern involves Strings of Crooked Curlies and Dots of Mini Spherical Creams Scattered on the Side. For the circular base, we decided to go for a skirting of Pearls. Well, Not Real Pearls of course Lol.

Of Course, What Lay Inside Within are Thick Layers of Dark Moist Chocolate..It's Sinfully Rich and Subtlely Creamy On the Outside. I Just Can't Get Enough...

So, Till Next Time...
Happy Wedding Anniversary to You, Mum and Dad!!!!! Love You Guys!!!..haha.

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